The Flat Head - SRJ-07C - Horsehide - Riders Jacket

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The Flat Head

 SRJ-07C  Riders Jacket 

• 1.3mm thick - black horsehide

• The base of the horsehide is dyed in brown and oiled to make the leather softer and very durable

• The Aniline Finishing shows the nice texture of the horsehide with an outstanding natural look,

   made by the famous "Shinki Hikaku Co." tannery in Japan for more then 60 years

• Durable Universal Zipper

• Size changeable iron buckle for the waist, branded with "FLATHEAD & CO"

• The whole sewing construction is done by stunning Japanese leather artisans.

• 100 % Rayon Lining, exculsivly produced by "The Flat Head"

• "Made in Japan"

Shoulders 50.0 52.0 54.0
Chest 54.0 56.0 58.0
Length 66.0 68.0 70.0
Sleeve 55.0 66.0 67.0