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Chain Stitch

Hemming Service

with a 

Union Special 43200


The vintage Union Special 43200 is the original machine used to create a genuine chain stitch hem on jeans

This rare 43200 model also called  "black head"due the machine head color
The first model was made in the 1930’s

This machine has been used in the Levi Strauss factory in North Carolina
up to the 1950’s

The hem chainstiched on a Union Special 43200 machinewill develop a unique “roping“ effect after washing or soaking the jeans

We use the original yarn for each jeans supplied from our
Japanese denim manufactures


service No. I I

For your previously owned jeans

send us your jeans not purchased from us and choose your right hem size
Please contact us to confirm your hemming request

**** Free Chain Stitch Hemming services for all jeans purchased ****
****** at the DC4 store in Berlin ******

The chainstitching service takes 3 - 5 days plus shipping time

Please note that we can not exchange jeans that we have hemmed